Hello dear brothers and sisters –

In St. Petersburg, the warm weather is beginning.

We have started our Spring outings with students and children from orphanages to rivers and lakes, in order to monitor environmental pollution. This year we are combining groups of school children and children from orphanages to build friendly relations between the children and also between institutions.

The second part of April and all of May we will make weekly forays into nature and will talk to the children about God’s Creation. The season will end with a conference, bringing together all the participants in this program.

Camp Elama will open this year on April 26 with three-day men’s camp of the Church “Christ the World.”  For the summer season from June 2 to August 12, we will host 7 camps for different categories of people:

  • children
  • orphans
  • families
  • youth (missionary training)
  • single mothers with children in crisis situations

Please pray for us and for finances for the camp. Nature this year presented us with many surprises: fallen trees, dangling electrical wires, metal ripped off roofs and water-drenched rooms in houses with damaged roofs. We have only two months to prepare. Sadly, we could not start preparing sooner — the snow has just melted.

This year MIR will again run a camp for the crisis center of the town of Volkhov; attending will be single mothers and their children in crisis situations. The mother and children look forward to this event, inspired by our camp last year. This year we will receive help from teams from the USA (8 people ) and the UK (2 persons) . Please pray for the spiritual atmosphere of this camp.