“Your are citizens with all of God’s holy people. You are members of God’s family” — Eph.2:19

Brother’s keeper conference

unnamed-5It was special blessing that 6 of us men, could attend this international conference in Slovenia. For all of us it was special time to get in fellowship with 400 men, were some of them were ex drug addicts, leaders of different kind of ministries, some professionals, different backgrounds, different denominations… all of that brought nice “colors” in this group of men.

The preaching was great, the worship was exciting and workshops were very practical and interesting.

All of us agreed that this event should be in our church calendar marked as event of priority.

Teenage camp

unnamed-3It took place in July 18th-23rd and was held again in the mountains of national park of river Tara. There were gathered teenagers from 13 to 16. What was encouraging for this time is the fact that there was biggest number of teens in all of 8 years history of these camps. Some of them overgrew kids camps and teenage camp is just continuality for them, but there were also three boys coming for the very first time. One of those boys was Zivko. He is a nephew of one church member . He is 16 and had very rough childhood because of the tragedy in his home. He is God fearing person but we pray that he would experience God’s love and real calling to follow Jesus as his Lord. He showed up at the church meetings few times, after the camp, even his mom came few times for Sunday meeting. Please pray for this precious family, there is also Zivko’s sister Violeta (19) who is excellent student and also God-fearing person with high moral standards.


Darko was a postman when I came to Montenegro 23 years ago. At that time we connected on very simple way: he was delivering letters for me and I was giving him Gospel tracts. He was very open and ready to receive it in spite of of heavy propaganda against sects. (at that time being Evangelical, it was considered as sect). Anyway, our friendship grew over months and I had a privilege to meet his family and friends. But then, after couple years his brother and him stopped to come to our house Bible study. In mean time Darko got married and got three boys (12, 15,16). Recently we reconnected and in two past months they came to church meetings 3 times and want to continue. Darko was pleasantly surprised by the number of people coming to church. His wife is also interested and believer in God but not sure how much understands the grace and forgiveness. We pray for this precious family, there is such potential for various and great things.

unnamed-4We are very thankful to the Lord as He is encouraging us in this project. We can see His hand stretched out. There are few people who donated smaller and bigger amount of money. As I was writing in spring this year, when I first announced this project, Montenegro is small country but very expensive one.

When we are looking at properties and comparing with surrounding countries, unfortunately, prices in Montenegro are double. But I believe, God has an answer to that situation; He is not caught by surprise. There is hope to have mission center for Montenegro and meeting premises for our fellowship.
We almost have one third of needed money for the whole project.

We are very close to the point of buying a property of almost 1600m2 (4.800 feet2). All of you, who are interested to partner in this project and would like to know more details, please let me know.


We are very excited to share about the baptism of sister Vida. She experienced change in her life a year ago when she truly started to believe in Jesus as Son of God the Savior. She was believing in God from her youth, but this newfound relationship with Jesus brings her peace into her heart and security for eternal home. Unfortunately, she has a cancer. She is full of joy and very lively, even in the midst of difficulties in her life.

Thank you so much for all your contributions, it means very much to us to experience Father’s love and care through you.

Be blessed,

Vladimir and Marijana