In addition to our other projects, MIR runs an environmental education program, conducted in partnership with the British professor, and pastor, Simon Young and Professor Dmitry Mustafin of the Mendeleev Chemical-Technological University in Moscow. Professor Mustafin is also the Russian director of Gideons.

Participants include the Tolmochova Children’s Home, secondary school № 280, and Chemical Biology High School № 281. The program has already created extracurricular clubs of young environmentalists in Tolmachova and at secondary school № 281.

Last week we had another meeting. Together with the children of the Tomochova orphanage, we conducted an environmental study of the conditions in the Luga district of the Leningrad region. Studies included monitoring water rivers and lakes, as well as monitoring air quality. All of this information is given the professors Young and Mustafin, who then include it in national environmental studies.

This program is based on one of our overall objectives: to create programs with social purposes which provide opportunities to build relationships; then we can share the gospel one-on-one. As we work with these orphans, helping them have new life experiences and learn more about ecology and conservation, we get to know them and then share the love of God and the gospel of Christ in a personal way.

— MIR Executive Director, Sergei Tovstopyat