Quite a few of our partners have been visiting the USA recently. Vladimir and Marijana Cizmanski are in the States for an extended sabbatical. They spent a few months in Athens, GA, where they met with Artur Põld when he was there to attend the Friends of Estonia conference in Atlanta:


Yasha Goncharenko recently visited the Northeastern US, and Yan and Nadya Boldyrev are currently in the States visiting family, friends and supporters. Yura Belonozhkin had a good visit as well. My family and I recently returned to Russia after an extended stay in the States, too. We had a great visit. I spoke at several mission meetings, Sunday schools and church services.

Through all of these visit, people were encouraged in their faith, heard what God is doing in various locations, and created or deepened Kingdom relationships.

1 Peter 2:5 tells us that God sets us together as living stones. My family, Vladimir, Marijana, Yan, Nadya, Yasha, Olga, Yura and many others are the living stones God has set together, to build a spiritual house for His glory.