Dear coworkers in Kingdom,

As you know a year ago we were on our way to USA to spend a year of rest, refreshing vision, to get more of training for ministry in area of leadership, mentorship, Biblical counseling, inner healing…

Our Heavenly Father took such great care for us through dear friends in Georgia, Virginia, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Texas. They were serving us whether like hosts or simply brothers and sisters who would supply with anything that was needed. We didn’t lack anything. The generosity that we experienced through hospitality was incredible; anywhere where we were, we felt even better than at home.

If you are reading this letter and you were part of our journey in US I want to thank you especially for the warmth and patience that we could experience being in your home for weeks and months, thanks to all of you who took us out for a meal or coffee, thanks to all of you who expressed interest in Montenegro or giving us only a few minutes of your attention. We can’t express enough our gratitude to all of you. It is such privilege to be part of His family and get chance to see “old” friends but also to have chance to get know some new ones! I am really looking forward for our gathering around Him in our eternal home! What a day it will be!

It is our joy to say that we are back in Montenegro! Our small church beside many challenges survived our absence. The couple that was replacing us did a good job even though it wasn’t easy task. They have long time desire to be in Podgorica to help us in the work, but the challenge is financial support. They are open to find the job if that is God’s plan but if there is anybody who would like to support them would be greatly appreciated.

We are now praying that the Lord would direct us in further steps and show us what to do next. We know for now that we need to stay in this church and continue the work here. While we were away some some people left, but also some new converts started attending the church during our absence. We can see that the Lord is calling us to “rebuild the altar, clean the house“ and get prepared for action.

We need a great wisdom in applying the knowledge that we experienced in US. There are great and very practical teachings that we were experiencing as great blessing in US. Our heart greatly desires to bless this dear people here and give them guidance to understand how are they wired by God, how to recognize their position in body of Christ, principles of leadership, mentoring and how to become spiritually and emotionally healthy and be of help to a new generation.

I believe that the Lord is preparing us as church to be ready for new people that will be added to the Body. There will be concrete action in evangelism that we as church will be part of on the end of April. There is sense of urgency to get prepared!

Thank you so much fro your intercessory prayer, we need it very much in this moment.

With love,

Vladimir and Marijana