Varanger peninsula. A wild and beautiful place. In every valley, on every ridge, on every rock and small leaf – the signature of the Author. Eighty five kilometers (53 miles) in five days. Five days of continuous worship. True. Sincere. Not by schedule. That’s the way I like it.

That was the way God drew me to him 20 years ago – by revealing Himself to me through his creation. When I climbed on the top of the mountain, I wanted to thank somebody, to praise somebody, who I didn’t know then.

My heart was full of praise even when I wasn’t a believer. And that was the beginning of the journey to search for the Creator. Now I know Him. Every step I took I praised him. Every moment there my heart was singing in worship. Amazing. Glorious.

-2We were only three – me, my son and Tim Wishon from Charlotte, NC.

It was wonderful to have this time with Daniel, my son. He is 13, and I believe that was the most important thing to do. We had adventures together, we had some hardships together, we encouraged and helped each other. Trustful conversations all the way. It couldn’t have been better. That was the strong foundation which cannot be shaken.

Good time with Tim. I have known him for 8 years, and during this trip we became even better friends.

A week before the trip we participated in Sami Indigenous Christian Conference. That was a great time with brothers and sisters from different parts of the North. There were people from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Russia and Greenland.

I met an American missionary who works with the Evenki people in the middle of Siberia. He happened to be a friend of David Sawatzki, a missionary in Ulan Ude, who started the men’s movement in Russia. I spoke at the conference about the men’s ministry and about men’s retreat in Tromso next July.

It was great time meeting new people, worshipping our God together, fellowshipping with the brothers and sisters from different places.

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