Here is an update from pastor Vladimir Cizmanski —

Hello friends,

We were in Serbia for five days trying to make as much as possible for Marijana’s health situation (she was diagnosed two months ago with endometriosis). We were able to make our documents for health insurance and she was able to do checkups by ultrasound in good hospital in Novi Sad. She still needs to go to MR but since the waiting list there is really long (3-5 months) it looks like she will need to go to private medical service to do further investigation.

On the way back to Podgorica I got phone call. Lazar – Simon was calling me to check with me if I was moving our minibus somewhere else in meantime. Very quickly we came to sad conclusion that our vehicle is stolen! It was parked in our fenced yard where our neighbors could see everything!

We have information that somebody took it on Thursday afternoon. The key was in our house and of course the door of our house was broken. Some other small stuff are missing from the house also.

We are very sorry for this happened. All of you who know more about our ministry with kids, teenagers and other church activities know how much we were using this great vehicle that could take 17 people and take many shoe boxes around.

Yesterday when police came to make notes about this, they told us that 90% of stolen cars they find but this is not car! Crime is unfortunately pretty high here and it is very possible that it could be disassembled and transported to Kosovo in parts. It is very clear that this action was managed by somebody who knew that we are not at home. We are always trying to have somebody at home when we are absent but this time we couldn’t find anyone.

We are asking you to pray for police to be led by God in order to be able to find this very needed vehicle for us.

Thank you in advance,