sunbeam-christmas-019We want to share with you the joyful moments of our wonderful Christmas party.

We are grateful to the Jõhvi United Methodist Church who had the children in mind when they brought happy gifts.

In addition to our Christmas joy, we celebrated Sunbeam’s recent grant from AS Certification. It is great that they found us. They could have given the grant to any other organization but they chose us.

This new support will provide a  payroll increase and improved therapies for our children, and it will help us create the post of Assistant Caretaker. With this new money, we can also invite new children and therefore help even more families.

AS Certification also donated a delicious Christmas lunch. They even put us at the end of their Christmas video, so their partners can see that they support us:

sunbeam-christmas-011Also, Ida-Virumaa Enterprise Centre’s beloved staff decided this year not to make gifts within their organization but instead made donations to Sunbeam.

This fun idea then spread among a number of other individuals. For all these donations, we are all thankful from our hearts!

We are also grateful for the consistent support from our partner organization Stoneworks International in the USA.

Sunbeam is grateful to all our partners, helpers and supporters!

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