sunbeam-2015-summer-008On June 1 Sunbeam celebrated our second birthday. Workers, children and helpers gathered together for a sweet, homey party.

We were happy to host Stoneworks interns Sarah, Anna and Natasha from Georgia, USA in the early summer. They were helping work with children and participated in the preparations for our graduation party.

On  June 17, the parents and Sunbeam family were invited to our first graduation party. Our first children Laura and Monika ended their time in Sunbeam. Monika turned 18 (and became an adult), and Laura will go to school in September.


sunbeam-2015-summer-005We had surprise guest – a trained dog. It was fascinating and fun to watch his skills.

Then all or us together planted a tree behind the building. This will be a memory from Monika’s and Laura’s time in Sunbeam.

In addition to our daily activities children often went outside. They went with caregivers and volunteers, to the cafe, on hikes and walks in the park, and playtime in the playground.

sunbeam-2015-summer-014In early July, two teachers Heather and Gloria from our partner organization The Little Light House from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA visited Sunbeam. They were sharing valuable teachings and skills. They brought some grate teaching tools and materials. The Little Light house is a Christian Developmental Center providing educational and therapeutic services for children with special needs from birth to age six.

In July we had our second summer camp in camp Gideon. It was four happy days with our friends on a mission team from Athens, Georgia. We are glad that some parents participated with us, too.


Some of the children who came to us during the summer holidays begin to prepare for school. We have met several new families who will join Sunbeam in autumn.

We wish all our friends beautiful autumn!

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