Hi y’all,

IMG_7816I wanted to give you short update what is going on in Podgorica at our youth group.

On March 3rd last Sunday was one year since we officially started our youth group Running a Winning Race. At our opening last year we had only 3 youth that come. Which was not really discouraging for us, because I knew it was just the start and every start is super hard, but also I knew that this was a call I was called to do.

And my prayer was to have kids who are going to be super interested for the Lord, who wants to get to know Him more and more. So I told the Lord even if you give me 2 person who wants to get to know you more, I would do my work like it 100 of them. And by the end of the summer I had 10 Kids who was there from September till the end of January.

IMG_7850We started our new semester where we got some kids from a Roma church, to come on the first and last meeting in each month. As we started we got also some young teens who grow out of kids ministry and join our youth group. And now we count around 15 of our kids, and also we have 4 new kids our neighbors who have heard about youth group and wanted to join us.

So together the number of the kids is growing and it is amazing thing that Lord is showing to me, is when you obey him, he does amazing things that we cannot imagine. And he showed his amazing faithfulness of his promises.

He always reminds me of his promise from Ps. 37:4 ” Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” And my desire is to see next generation taking over Montenegro.

Also, I’m taking 2 of our kid who are bit older than the rest of them to Sarajevo, Bosnia  to a conference, where I hope the Lord will speak to them so loud and bring them closer to Him.

Thank you for your prayers and support! We really need them and we really appreciated them!

Be blessed,

In Christ – Violeta