We took our first steps in doing open-air outreach and as this small step has it own excitement there are also many things that we need to learn on the way. So it was this time.

unnamedVery positive thing was the fact that we as a church had experience of building up a team, relationship, management and planning. We can see where our weak and strong points are with the aim to do better next time. All of us are determined to do this next year again in spite of temptation to be discouraged. We are coming to the conclusion that this is something that we need to do regularly.

We learned from this time that we need to be focused to one location and do the program during the evening period. This time was more afternoon and the day was pretty hot so very small number of people was gathered because of the heat. Anyway there were few people who were open to talk and make connection so we invited them for our regular church meetings.

unnamed-1At the end as we gathered in the congress center in hotel nearby, we were able to welcome six people who expressed their appreciation of being present for this occasion. Four of them left their contact info so we will continue to meet with them as long as they will like it.

One lady said: yes, I want to learn more things from the Bible. The other lady came because her best friend have received flyer and started nagging her to come along with her. On the end it came up that we know each other. Some of them expressed surprise that so small number of people came for something good as this was.

Well, as it is always, the first steps are difficult and many times discouraging, we strongly believe that this is just a start that needs to be developed. We see this time as practicing something that will be developed to higher level for future events and not just in Podgorica, but also for other cities in Montenegro.

Be blessed in His precious name,