Dear Friends and Supporters!

We had a wonderful Christmas season. Only in Russia there is a unique opportunity to celebrate Christmas twice. We spent a few days far away from the city in the forest by the river. It was a blessed time to get to know new members of our family better, new children played with ”old” ones.

My little girl had a birthday 16 yo! I put candles in a pineapple. She is saving money for a new telephone (teenager). I wonder if they save to buy something else…  . I invited my friend with the daughter of Nastya’s age to meet. Nastya’s mother died a couple of weeks ago. The girl was told the heart stopped. She cried. Nastya hoped mother gives up drugs and they might have at least some relationships. So sad. The woman was in her forties. Nastya has an older brother. Uncles and aunts cousins do not communicate with her and her brother. Some family issues.

The young woman who is in the prison calls my every other day. She attends Bible studies in her place. We all hope she will choose to go to rehab center to get adjusted to the new life with no drugs and stealing… We are going to visit her in February (meetings are allowed once every two months).

Thank you my dear friends that you keep us in prayer, you care how we feel and what we eat and if we have warm shoes and if my car is driving good and if I have money for gas… If I am in good mood and health… I can go on and on.. Each one of you is very unique in one way or another. One lady (she knows who she is) loves my cat more than I do and helps me to take good care of it.  We feel special to be loved by God through you all. Thank you and we love you much, too.

Marina and us

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