Giving thanks to Jesus for all his goodness and provision in all seasons of life is important for all of us to do, and I want to do this to the faithful friends in Christ who have made the last season a very real and positive response to needs that have presented themselves to me.

  • First, thank you Jesus
  • Thank you UK charity
  • A couple from Cluj, Romania
  • A couple from Sheffield, UK
  • An American charity
  • Another UK charity
  • Three families in Prestiene, Wales
  • Another family in Wales
  • Three families in Glossop, UK
  • A family in Scotland
  • A family in America

These donations have come in different sizes, but each has been perfect in timing to respond to each need as it has come here. Thank you! Each cup of water in Jesus’ name is precious and good.

Since I last did an update on this food-giving time, the five villages that I mentioned was covered by a couple from Cluj, but then we were able to bless needy places again due to God’s generosity through his body of believers.

A total of 815 bags of food has come since last time I wrote, which has blessed 815 families. This has been in 9 villages, 5 that I mentioned before and 4 others done again that was needing doing again.

It turned out to be fruitful in 12 people coming to Christ and so many sick touched by the Lord, and words of encouragement to many. Local churches in each village continue to work with this in blessing their place and across church denominations for a common cause — feeding people and sharing Jesus.

A truck full of several different items of food has been sponsored from a UK charity and will be split three ways with local ministries; I am one of them. This will arrive next week. There will be distribution of this afterwards to needy places, and to complete the bags I will need to buy supplementary food along with this.

Each step of faith the Lord is good and supplies each need and request of villages as they come along.

I pray God’s blessing and cover to your own life and needs during this time.

And if you can help, please contact me and I’ll let you know specifics of how you can.

God bless, from David.

Please forgive my bad English