I want to thank Jesus for his goodness and provision.

March 30th

85 families were blessed with food at Secueni and Soard Manna churches with their leaders. A lady here gave her heart to the Lord and many were prayed for healing. Provision for this came from a UK charity.

Also this day for 35 families in a commune place called Rora, bags of food were distributed with a local Romanian charity and their leader led a man to Jesus here, praise the lord. Also many healings and encouragement for people in Christ happened. Provision for this place all came from a family in Cluj.

All provision is from the Lord!

March 31st

44 families in 2 villages this day were blessed with bags of food, serving with the Sighisoara Nazarene pastor. Again, encouragement with prayer for sick happened this day praise the Lord. Provision for this again came from a UK charity.

All provision is from the Lord!

April 1st

150 families in 3 villages today were blessed with food, prayer and encouragement in Christ Jesus today with 3 church teams — 2 Baptist from Vinatori and Archeta churches, and Manna church from Elieseni — helping to distribute and serve. Also with prayer for many sick who testified to feeling better after answers to prayer. Provision came from a UK charity.

All provision is from the Lord!

There are many other villages needing food at this time, and churches working with the poor who I personally am working with to help. If you are able to help, please contact me and I’ll let you know how you can send practical help.

Others have also responded, and their gifts are going to other villages in coming days. All giving has been with local town mayors and police in some places, giving their OK and with caution — but not fear. We have been able to bless and move quickly to help while we still can.

Even the cash and carry place where we buy food has been asking for prayer and seeing God’s reality in this work.

May Jesus Christ be glorified in all this good testimony, and love through the body of Christ on all sides.


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