Yura Belonozhkin reports —

The main news – we had our first baptism and first communion in Polarny last week!

We invited Bishop Peter from Olenegorsk, and he baptized our new sister Nastya. After that we had our first communion in Polarny.

Before that there was a men’s meeting in Nickel, the last one before summer. There were 2 new believers. The topic was “Genesis and Manhood”. A very interesting topic.

Masha spent three days in Polarnye Zori, in a local church, leading women’s meetings. They had a meeting each night. Many new women attended, many lost women came back to church.

Masha also led a “Scrapbooking night” in church in Olenegorsk. Over twenty women from towns around and from Olenegorsk, Christians and their friends unbelievers participated in this event.

They did this scrapbooking stuff all night long from 11.00 till 8.00.

They ate a lot, had much fun and fellowship.