Father at the bridge of his old ship.

My father is a retired Navy Officer.  He served in the Soviet Navy in the 70s and 80s.

His position was called ‘Commander’s Assistant for the Political Aspect’.  This meant that he was in charge of all communist ideological work on the ship.

He taught Lenin’s theory (communism and atheism) to the crew, recruited officers and sailors into the communist party, and he was responsible to check if they really lived the communist lifestyle.

Every Monday they had a special session on the ship when he did the teaching.  This tradition is still here, except Lenin’s teaching doesn’t exist anymore.  In fact, the commanders don’t really know what to fill this time with.

Last year, after 7 years of working with the Navy, God opened the doors for me to be with the very same unit and on the very same ship where my father served. (It was a surprise she was still working!)

So one Monday morning I found myself on the same ship, in the same room, at the very same table where my father taught atheism and communism, and I was teaching the Gospel to those guys! That was such an interesting feeling.

My father (on the left) with his old veteran friend next to their old ship.