We got back from our vacation in Saint Pete early in the morning on Jul 6. We didn’t do much when we were on vacation, but Masha led 3 classes in Zhatva Church. I met with the pastor of Zhatva, Igor Sokolov, and we discussed his participation at our winter men’s conference.

Right after we arrived Masha had a class in Murmansk, I spent 3 days preparing a program for the men’s groups. On Thursday we went to Norway to prepare the hike across Varanger.

We met with pastor Max Yekee from Vadso and Knut-Ole Ronningen, the head of Red Cross from Vardo. We looked through maps, made the route, Knut made a few important suggestions, and we went further to Hamningberg, the destination point of our hike.

To say that the place is radically impressive is to say nothing. You gotta see it to understand how gloomy and glorious at the same time this place is. I will try to attach the pics, but I don’t think they will fully express the atmosphere of that place. Well, I’m impressed, I’m encouraged, and I’m looking forward to going there.

Friday night, when we arrived from Norway, we had a men’s group in Nickel. The topic was ‘Genesis and Manhood’, but besides that, we discussed some other important things, which the guys couldn’t discuss at a church meeting.

I’m happy that they are becoming so open and sincere, because when we started a group there (in Zapolarny then) over a year ago, most of them were reserved and mostly were distantly observing. The next night, on Saturday, there was a group in Murmansk. We discussed the same topic. Interesting, but in different towns the same topic causes different reaction.

Today after the meeting in Polarny we went to Murmansk Church again to hand in the leaflets for the Men’s camp in August. On Tuesday my father comes, and we will spend two days with him. After he leaves, we will go to Plarnye Zori. Masha will lead a class in the church there, and I will gather men at the same time.

On the way back, on Friday, we will make a stop in Monchegorsk to meet with Igor Opanasyuk, one of the leaders of our men’s movement here. He won’t be able to attend any of the events this summer, but he will help by providing information about the camp in his church in Monchegorsk. That’s all for now.

Blessings guys, thank you for your prayers and support!