Hello dear friends and partners,

I want to thank you all for all kinds of the support God has been providing through you. I thank Him every day for all of you.

Last year was loaded with work in the Kingdom. Existing men’s groups were improved, many new men joined the ministry:

  • The core team was strengthened.
  • New men’s group was started in Vadso, Norway.
  • We had a very successful North-West men’s conference, which was attended by over 100 men from 9 towns of Murmansk Region and Saint Petersburg.
  • Our team came to help with a men’s conference in Rovaniemi, Finland. I was one of the speakers there.
  • We had a few men’s retreats last spring and summer, many new friendships have started as the result of them.
  • New units of the Navy were reached with the Gospel, and ongoing work was established in them.
  • Online ministry is being developed. A few videos were recorded, online porn recovery program was started.

My wife, Masha, became the leader of the whole women’s ministry in the Region. She leads classes in three towns in the Region, organized a women’s conference in Olenegorsk, which was attended by over 50 women from Olenegorsk and some other towns of Murmansk Region. She is doing great work as a personal consultant for the women in churches in Murmansk Region.

Please know, you have been a part of this work. And we appreciate it a lot.

This year is going to be even more busy —

Masha was invited to Moscow, to a women’s ministers congress, organized by the Russian Evangelical Church. She is going there next weekend. She is going to start women’s fellowship groups in new towns in our region.

I am flying to Oslo, Norway on January 30th. There will be Norwegian National men’s conference, I was invited there by some Norwegian Churches. In March, I’m flying to Archangelsk, Russia, to start men’s ministry there. I was invited there by the Bishop of Archangelsk Region.

Starting in March, we will have men’s retreats, once every month.

In May 10 – 11 we will have an international men’s retreat in Lakselv, Norway, together with the Lutheran Church of Norway. In July we will have a hiking trip across Varanger Peninsula, Norway. Last time we did it, we found the wreckage of an American WWII plane. After lots of research we found out that the pilot was Russian, we got his name, the date of the crash, and even the name of the German pilot who shot him down. This time we are going to make a memorial plaque and install it there, at the crash site. It will allow us attract Norwegian social organizations. Norwegian Red Cross is already involved. In late August we will have the first Russian National men’s camp. This is completely new to us, we have never done events that big before.

We are also planning to launch a real website very soon.