I (Mike) am in Estonia now, looking at several opportunities for ministry. Yesterday I visited Camp Gideon, the first Christian camp in Estonia.  It’s been owned by the Methodist Church since the early 90s and is directed by Artur Pold, a minister who is also a congressman (called a Deputy here).  

The camp is very large and has about 800 meters of beach on the Baltic.  It’s snowy and beautiful there now, and it’s sunny and beautiful there in the summer.  Here you can see the Baltic sea just beyond one of the buildings.  It is quite a piece of property. 

We’re hoping to bring orphans from Belorus and/or Russia to this camp. Perhaps American mission teams could come and meet them here.  It would be very good for the kids to be in an environment where they can freely hear the gospel.  The cost is about $15/day for food and housing, plus transportation. camp-gideon-8

Probably the most important thing I’m doing now is establishing and building relationships with believers here, and I’m looking to see which of those relationships God is establishing closely.  We want the work to flow from our relationships, rather than have the work define the relationships. 

Over the next few days I’ll be visiting orphanages and shelters, and I’ll also be looking at some property that could perhaps serve as a summer camp and ministry center.   Onward . . . .