We celebrate a first for Stoneworks. We have sent our first mission team to Estonia. They return to the States on Thursday.

For the first part of their trip, they lived in a camp with orphans, ministering the gospel.  The orphanage director, Riho, is very supportive of our work and has invited us to continue working with him and helping the children in his orphanage. The doors are open.

The second part of their trip was focused on fact-finding in preparation for future ministry. The team visited several orphanages, rehabilitation centers, camps and private ministries where they met leaders, learned about programs, and discussed possible future ministry. Stoneworks will use their research to help build other teams.

One very good connection is with Artur Pold, the pastor of a local Methodist church. He also directs Camp Gideon, a beautiful camp on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. Artur is on the local ‘county commission’ and oversees many projects helping people in need. Several members of his church have been ministering in nearby orphanages. Their church has been very supportive and we look forward to future partnerships with them.

This team now has tentative plans to return next summer to help run a camp for orphans at Camp Gideon. We hope that other teams will go to Estonia next summer, too. It’s a joy to see the work expanding into areas where people are asking us to help.

Here you can learn more about opportunities in Estonia; scroll to the bottom of the page for info the country.