Dear co-labors in Kingdom,

cizIt is hard to believe that we are just 50 days away from our return to Montenegro.

As that term is coming closer we can see that our time is rolling faster and faster. As much as we want to get back we also feel sorry to leave this great country and many friends here.

We have plan to leave USA on March 3rd from Dallas, TX and first to stay in Serbia where we would like to spend some short time with our families and then to return to our home in Podgorica, Montenegro.

The Lord is really blessing us. We continue to listen to good teachings, read good books, attend seminars that can be of good help once we will be back, but also there is slight anxiety in us … will we be able to transfer and contextualize what we receive here. Are we changed enough not just to continue the work but also to lift it to higher level? I know all good answers that the Lord will be with us and give us strength, but I am just sharing where I am at the moment and our need for your prayers and intercession.

We would like to see many changes first in us and ultimately in whole country. We are praying that these last 50 days will be filed with His presence more and more as our time is running out. I see that the task is even greater than at the time we left Montenegro.

My heart is sometimes excited and sometimes burdened with all the needs that are around us and are surpassing our abilities. Well, I guess it is good sign — I think Moses wanted to escape God’s assignment because he knew the task was beyond his strength. I understand his fear when he was talking with God at the burning bush. On the other hand I feel tremendous responsibility….

Yours in Christ,

Vladimir and Marijana