Elama is a summer camp overseen by our Russian partner MIR; the camp is located north of St. Petersburg. Yesterday MIR director Sergei Tovstopyat and I went to Elama for the first time after the winter. It’s always a bit of a concern to see if anyone has broken in or stolen anything while it’s been locked down. Happily, there were no surprises; everything was in pretty good shape, except for a piece of tin roof that blew off.

We mowed a lot of grass, got the water system working and delivered a van load of various things. A few local cows came by to take a look.

Elama is booked solid this summer. In addition to hosting quite a few church retreats and youth camps, we’ll run our own camp in July. We will host single mothers and their children from a ministry in Volkhov. More news on that later. . . .

I also made a “dash-cam” video as I mowed a path to the lake; thankfully our dock survived the winter: