I’ve had quite a few men’s meetings recently. On October 2nd we had a men’s meeting in Murmansk and on Oct 5th we had a men’s meeting in Monchegorsk.

Last Friday, Oct 12th, we had a men’s meeting in Nickel. There were very few of us, but we worshipped and prayed. I shared the Word and we had a really great time.

On Saturday my wife Masha led a scrap-booking class in the church in Polarnye Zori. They were ‘scrapping’ all night. There were seven women from the church and five from the world. This is a great way to build relationships and share the gospel.

On Tuesday I’m going to Murmansk for another men’s meeting, and on Friday I’m going to Monchegorsk once again.

We are hoping to purchase a ‘loaf’ for the men’s ministry. This is the nickname given to a simple 4-wheel-drive van that is sold in Russia. It looks like a loaf of bread, and it would be great to have one for our ministry in the wildland. We often need a car that can take us far away from the roads.

A guy from the church in Murmansk is ready to sell his to us. He is willing to receive money in payments. His van is in good condition and he wants 95,000 rubles (about $3000). We already have 8000 and tomorrow will have more. You can see from the pictures what it looks like now and what we hope it will be when we’re finished. Guys from the men’s meetings are donating to help buy it.

– Yura Belonizhkin

If you’d like to support Yura in his ministry, or help him buy a loaf, please visit our Support page and choose Far Northern Russia from the drop down menu.