We have an excellent project at Sunbeam right now.

A local drug rehab center has a job training program, and some of the ex-drug addicts are helping finish up the heating system before the cold weather arrives. They are removing all the old iron radiators, cleaning them out, adding new fittings and control valves, and then installing all new plumbing. This will make the system much more efficient and provide more control over each zone.

The city provides the hot water for heating, and until now the building didn’t have any way to keep some part warmer than others. For instance, we can now turn down the heat in areas that aren’t being used; this wasn’t possible before, so we were paying to heat un-used rooms. And this is expensive in the dead of winter.

In the main rooms of the center, we’ve installed an in-floor hydronic heating system that is very efficient and will be great for children with disabilities (who are often on the floor).

The rehab center also provides some funds for expenses. So, Sunbeam, the rehab center and the ex-drug addicts are all helped in meaningful ways.

In addition to the people from the rehab center, local Christians are serving as team leaders, involved in discipleship as well very useful work.

We’ve also removed several walls in preparation for creating a guest apartment. This will be very helpful when mission teams or professionals visit to help Sunbeam.

We are VERY thankful for how the Lord has been providing.