Dear brothers and sisters,

I just want to share short news and need for special prayer for next 7-10 days.

We are in campaign in preparation for evangelistic meeting with Rabindranath Maharaj on March 17-18 in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Rabin Maharaj is on a tour through Balkan area and for the first time he is visiting Montenegro with the purpose of sharing the Gospel in public places.

For those who do not know who is brother Maharaj, just short reminder, he is writer of the book “Death of one guru” which is his testimony of conversion from hinduism to Christ. The book is translated into 74 languages and sold in 5 million copies. He dedicated his life to spread the Gospel around the world.

We booked a hall with 350 seats and at the moment we are distributing for this event 10,000 flyers in Podgorica. We are so thankful to have a team from US of 6 people that are diligently doing a majority of the work with our local people from the church. We pray that many will come not just for this event, but to Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

We need your prayer for all that is going to happen. We need your prayer for covering, protection, wisdom, management, follow up, and all other activities that are connected with this.

We are looking forward for God’s great work and I will write again after this event to let you know how it went.

Abundant blessings from Him