Dear coworkers in Kingdom,

Exactly 6 months ago we left Montenegro heading toward US to spend our Sabbatical year in new environment with desire to have some rest, reset and learn some new things.

photoIn order to stay for full year in US we need to ask for visa extension for another 6 months. We applied on Aug 15th at Department for Homeland Security and now waiting for their response. We are told that decision will be made between 30-60 days. We are praying for God’s will be done. We would appreciate you prayers for this issue as the Lord lead you.

We came to Texas after visiting our dear friends in Georgia, Colorado, Virginia and Pennsylvania. God gave us privilege to meet some new friends even those that were visiting Montenegro for few times but didn’t have opportunity to meet them there. We believe that the Lord is doing great work in making these friendships in order to create network for His glory in Montenegro. We are really looking forward to see what the Lord has in His plans for that small but tough country. As great Montenegrin poet said exalting Montenegrin people’s courage: “walnut is a strange fruit, if you would try to crash it with your teeth you will not succeed, but it will break your teeth!” Well, we know that the Lord has His way to open people’s hearts so gently, and feel it with His love and compassion.

As time is going on, the Lord is making clear in my heart the necessity and urgency for greater effort to share the Gospel around whole country of Montenegro. To lead and motivate people for that action we need to learn more of leadership and mentorship skills in order to equip people for this great task. We would appreciate your prayers for this process because we know that without His Spirit and leadership no men’s skills and power will bring glory to His name.

Many thanks to all who are diligently praying and financially supporting us. Thank you for reading this letter to the end, we value your time in this busy, busy world.

Yours in Christ,

Vladimir and Marijana