Roma Baptisms!

Two Roma (a father and his daughter) who were baptized last Sunday! They invited their whole family to come and witness their declaration (hence the crowds).

Pastor Zsolt asked if anyone in the crowd would like to give their life to Christ and be baptized as well. One woman came to him in tears and said she does! But her husband is abroad and so she wants to wait until he returns.

Please pray with us that more Roma family members will think about the baptisms they witness, the message and Gospel that was shared, and their own need for salvation in Christ.

An Update On Us

Jacob continues to march onward in language learning. We believe that we have found the hospital where Karina will give birth to our son! It has been a challenging and often troubling search. Thank you for your prayers.

We served a Thanksgiving meal with families from church!

Jacob with his new Romanian Residence Permit card (sensitive info blurred).

Our immigration process has been has come to an end! We are surprised at how quick and smooth the process was. Missionaries typically experience a difficult and drawn-out struggle to obtain and maintain residency. But God has blessed our whole family with 5 years residency. Thank you for your prayers!

Prayer Requests

  • For Christ’s mission to be clear and central during Advent season among the people of Gyergy√≥.
  • God’s grace for us in interacting with the lost.
  • Karina’s labor and birthing process, and for a healthy baby boy.
  • A steady language helper for Jacob learning Hungarian.

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