Hello dear friends and partners,

It is time to share news, even though it is not too much.

About My Seminary

Reading books between trips with the tourists, very interesting. I just passed the first test in Greek. I have to take 3 more before October 1. The New Testament Greek language is a kind of difficult, but it is interesting to learn it. I am grateful for this educational process, indeed.


Basically, we are doing ok, except everybody is super tired. We have been living here in the North for 17 years and have had only 3 vacations. I am not a big fan of beach vacations, but even I understand we desperately need one, just to spend a couple of weeks doing nothing, just laying on a sea beach (warm one). Masha’s paintings were shown at an exhibition in Saint Petersburg, I’m happy she is growing as an artist. Fedya completed his 8th grade with good results. Now preparing for the 9th.

What God is Doing

It is interesting to see what God is doing now. He is collecting people around us. People who have been around for years, believers, but who weren’t able to find home in a local church. Wounded, exhausted, but trying to find god’s guidance in life. We are not doing any ‘formal’ ministry for them. We just meet with them, talk with them, pray with them. And I see how God comforts them through this fellowship.

The Norwegian folks started calling one after another, with interesting regularity. Not just the people from the church, but men from our Arctic Men’s Fellowship, from different cities from the North of Norway. We are in contact with our church in Vadsø, too. I do home group meetings online on Fridays. M., one of the elders is having serious issues with his eyes, his driving license has been taken from him. He is 74. Please pray for him.

Daniel, our older son, was one of the main speakers at a youth conference in Saint Petersburg. It is very encouraging to see how God is using him. Prayers for him are greatly appreciated.

Yura and the family –