I am alive y’all!!!!

It has been such a long time since i wrote, i would say, three full months! I am so sorry for late update. A lot of things were going on, it was quiet interesting journey so far. For two months and half things were not how i hoped that it would be. It was so much hardships and unnecessary dram that didn’t made any since to me. However, all that is behind me, it was such a good lesson and opportunity to learn. I think i will talk about that more in some other posts.

I would love to make little summary of November, December and January, what i have been up to deposed the things that were not so good, there were for sure some lovely moments that are worth remembering!



First two weeks of November has been an amazing weeks. I would say so much excitement and happiness. Not long little after my arrival here. I was send to the regional conference here in Minas called CR. CR this year was held in little town Guaxupe, about 8h drive from Belo Horizonte with bus.

Dinner after Church! That was interesting experience, after only  five days of being in Brazil, i attended a conference with around 100ish people. I was super overwhelmed, because of the language and i was still not rested enough. And some of you know when i am tired or hungry or cold, i am not best person to be around :) But people there where super nice to us! Super friendly and wonderfully welcoming! I did enjoyed fully this conference and getting to know some of the people there with my super limited Portuguese back in that time.

After conference, I had a chance to stay few extra day in that small, lovely, simple little town Guaxupe! Expiriance i had there is mind blowing. (will write about that more in other post)

First off all, that Monday after conference i had my 23th birthday! So far from family, friends and all other things i know, and being only week and half in this point in this country, I though it would be super hard, but NO! People from there made it to be super wonderful and lovely!

Birthday Party! I felt so loved and taken care of! Two families that soled my heart right at the moment i met them, Family Prado and Family Cardoso! Wonderful people, with an amazing heart, full of love and care!

That week, Danica and I have been going to churches, high schools, primary schools, sharing about Montenegro, church and ministry there, and about ABU (IFES) too. It was wonderful so fulfilling experience for me. Then we came back home to Belo Horizonte, and all drama started from there.

In hope that after two honey moon weeks, i thought i would start living my life here. Settling in, organizing my time, and do for what i am send to do here. But non of that happened, i was waiting and hoping every day, but…. the end of November came…I felt bit lost, with out any direction.


Still waiting, the only thing i was doing was Portuguese classes. But because of all drama that was going on, i didn’t have much energy to focus myself on really learning this language. Because we lived so far from all other people, we were not really in position to go and meet and hangout with people because it would at last take us from 1h up to 2h to go somewhere. That was super tiring and frustrating. So because we met some other an amazing people, for which i am super thankful that they were by my side while going trough hardships. They were opening their homes to stay with them, eat their food, use their beds, bathroom all what they have! They all were such a blessings for my life in this period.


Pretty much, we did this until 15th of Dec. Then we when with our amazing group of friends for a holiday in Rio! That was such a wonderful rest in every single way, after so much stress and almost on the edge of going home. This trip give me time to think trough, pray and see things from different prospective! We were there for a week! That was my highlight of my time in Brazil!


I came back to Belo, it was Christmas time! Had opportuynity to spend christmas with two different families which was so beautiful! On 24th which is most important day here in Brazil, we spend it with our first host family. And 25th we spend with Martines family! (Pic will be soon)

Right after that, i went back to Guaxupe for a new year! It was so wonderful to see my favorite people, and to be in the town i feel in love with. Had bunch of fun, meeting all new people and hanging out with them!


Came back here in Belo Horizonte, it was time to get ready for the BIG FAMOUS Leadership camp IPL. I was working on book reports, bible study preparation, etc. The same week, i moved to an other place with my lovely Belo Horizonte Brazilian family Martines Araujo! Couldn\t be more happier and blessed! Love them so very much, i feel like part of the family!

Few day later we when to Sao paulo for IPL for 3 weeks! We were in the middle of nowhere, with out internet, with out phone signal. :) It was good, around 70ish people all together. Studying book of Matthew, talking to people with different Portuguese accent, sharing life with them and of course seeing some people from Hald was so blessed!

ImageTwo weeks a go we come back, and after three full months of being here, my life started! I started to work with JOUCM (Youth with a Mission), visiting some ABU groups, and having my Portuguese classes again. Woohhhoo I’ve got week full of activities.  It has some order and i am loving it, I love being here now and when i think it is only two more months and it will be time for me to go back, it makes me sad, coz for sure i will be missing some of the people here who took my heart compliantly!

This has been just a quick overview about past three months. I will be wring more about things i have learned and some of my points of view about culture, people, life, work, myself, God, and all other things i have been learning and seeing here!

Thank you for all your prayers and support!

In His love,

Vio xox