From MIR, in St. Petersburg —

Last week, Russia celebrated “Unity Day,” which coincided with school vacation week.

During this time, our dear friend David Hulley came for a visit.  As per tradition, he wanted to spend some time with kids from the “Fairy” group from orphanage #32.

Out of a few different options, the kids decided that most of all they would like to go bowling.

The time flew by; the younger children quickly learned the game and a friendly competition was soon underway.

While waiting for their turn, the kids chatted with David and looked at the photographs that he had brought from home.“A Holiday During the Holidays!”

David’s daughter, Liz Hulley, who serves children in various orphanages, also attended the event. Although David knows a few words in Russian, his communication was aided by Olga Cantrell, our expert interpreter. Katya Plusnina was also on hand, helping out.

After bowling, the group went to McDonald’s as usual to eat lunch together. The younger children were especially glad to sample a burger and fries, and of course to receive the prize that came with their Happy Meals.

And so continues a long tradition of friendship between Americans and Russians…