Hello Stoneworks friends and co-labourers in Christ Jesus —

This is the first update I’ve wrote since January this year and it has been a blessed 6 months which began in Romania for 9 days doing a food outreach to Secuieni village, giving 40 families a bag of food and prayer for persons who would like or need.

At the last house was a man who on Dec 21st, 2018 had received a Christmas box/then prayer was offered which he agreed to, for pain in his body which he was healed of instantly. Forward to January when we arrived he was jumping for joy to see us and we asked if he needed prayer which he said, ‘no I’m healthy’, but we followed back, ‘but would you like to receive the greatest healing of all, to receive Jesus as lord,’ he said yes and we prayed together the sinners prayer.

Then we came to England for a sabbatical rest for myself which I spent writing teachings on prophecy/spiritual warfare, and encouraging a Romanian church in Slough, UK, doing outreach and sharing at their Sunday afternoon services.

This relationship has flourished and continued in May with a weekend impartation teaching with Micheal Cantrell, a missionary from America serving in Russia, came to help, sharing on church unity, and myself on spiritual warfare. Also another outreach was done.

Another service at a Baptist church in Seer Green was at an English church. This was a very blessed time and a new step of faith and direction.

My wife Rodica did her second stage of studies at the Christian school which we lived in community with, and Sabrina our daughter (at right) attending a local primary school, which was great for her English growth in reading/writing.

Hodu in Romania has opened a new church in his courtyard and many hungry people come to hear about Jesus, many are literally hungry too and very poor materially. This step of faith is now being sponsored to meet at a town hall building and no longer outside in a courtyard.

While in England I was blessed to mentor a man at the school in the prophetic calling and use the new notes I’d wrote on the subject to build up and bless this man in his calling.

After our time finished, we did our usual visit of church relationships in England, sharing and encouraging the body of Christ where invited. On April 1st we came back to Romania and have been back in the villages Eliseni, Secuieni, Soard, sharing and building up the body.

Which in the time i was away did great away having local men share the word of god and a bible school teacher from Canada watch over the villages. These men continue to grow and as I write prepare to go to a 2 week bible school in the middle of Romania and among the teachers at this school will be me and my wife Rodica.

This is a new step of faith to teach at a school but one we are honoured to do. I will teach 5 days on evangelism and my wife on forgiveness.

In the building side, I’ve been building a house for a family in the village of Soard, and the family are part of the local church and had lived in a mud house till last year when Marine, the man of the house, managed to build 1 room in bricks and after I received a gift last Sept to build for whoever the Lord put on my heart, I decided to build for this family.

A testimony book as been released on Amazon in June this year of my walk with Jesus called “A Work in Progress” which another charity helped put together last year. The charity AMEN has sponsored the men who have worked with me and several building projects in the past. They did all spell checks and the applications to Amazon. All proceeds go to this charity after Amazon’s cut.

The Lord has spoken through some prophetic people for the days ahead, and we look forward with optimism and sadness also as the Lord will be decreasing somethings and opening up new things, Letting go is many times painful and sad, but as I look forward with Jesus we are well.

Please ask questions if need and we are very grateful to God for your friendship and fellowship and interest in us and God’s work

Love in Christ Jesus  from

David, Rodica and Sabrina

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