Dear friends,

I would like to share with you a wonderful event in Ukraine that we have led for more than ten years. It’s a time and place where everyone can slow down and refresh their relationship with God, become stronger in His word and support each other.

The name of the camp is “What’s Up” or, in Ukrainian, “Як ся маєш” (yak c’ya my-esh). We do not call people to look only at their physical well-being but also the health of their spirit. The camp helps to pose the questions that make us ask, “how are my soul and spirit in relationship to God today?”

Through well-prepared lectures and sermons, we are able to better test the posture of our spiritual life. We thank God for the pastors who come and serve us, teaching us to study our souls.

Our goal is to bring together the Christian youth to praise and glorify the Lord with brothers and sisters in Christ, in the very presence of God. Something special happens when young people from different corners of the world are brought together to worship God.

Our goal is to support one another within the church and to testify that “we” are many, not isolated, and are one family; that we, together, are changing and growing in the image of God.

Our goal is to inspire the youth of our churches to faithfully serve God and to actively raise new hearts to be in God’s family.

Every year, our time in camp becomes a very important time in our hearts. In the first camp we held, the participants were only those from different villages and cities in Ukraine, but now the participants come from Ukraine, Russia, Asia, America and Slovakia. The youth are already awaiting the summer, in order to once again be able to experience the presence of God in a special way at this particular camp.

We invite you to join us by:

  • Coming to the camp
  • Praying
  • Donating

Your donation will be a great and valuable investment in the young Christian generation in Ukraine.

You may find more pictures and videos by following link:


Contact us for more information at [email protected].

Together in ministry —

Vasylyna Kohutka

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