food to Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees in Romania has continued to be a weekly event to Ternopil-Ukraine and connecting food depots and transport to 5 different locations within Romania and 4 in Ukraine.Evangelizing in villages with hotdogs ,drama, and proclamation with YWAM and dutch teams

the lord blessed us with reunion of seeing Norman and Linda Patterson and the use of their building in Laslea came to have a teaching time with over 40 leaders from local and further afield places coming to be taught on 4 topics from 4 leaders,
food and accommodation was provided by the lord and the local town mayor gave us for free the local town hall for this event for free.
praise the Lord!
we have also built a house for a widow lady in Tigmandru and the lord wonderfully provided a new trailer for moving more food and supplies to the needs as we face them.
we have been able to bless and pass on 2 vehicles for Ukrainians to use locally ,and we use a van to pull the trailer from Norman and Linda,though this is 22 years old,we feel the need for a bigger engine and van to pull the trailer into the coming times serving in Ukraine and within Romania ,a 2,500 cc engine.

Rodica continues to do a ladies group in Tigmandru and i bible study with mixed group.
also a children’s group continues in Tigmandru.

Sabrina has just done her first mission trip with YWAM as a part of her 2 week christian camp and was stretched but thrilled to do outreach with the poor and be part of a team serving in a local village .

thank you for all you prayers and support to us and the work of the lord.

blessings from David.


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