Greetings! Below is an update on us these past two months.


September 30th marked one year on the mission field!

Taking Supplies into Ukraine, Refugees out

Two weeks ago, Jacob had the opportunity to assist another group of missionaries making a day-trip into Ukraine.

They took 2 vans and a trailer full of food, clothing, and hygiene items into Чернівці (Chernivitsi) Ukraine, not far from the border.

The supplies were taken to two local churches in Chernivitsi that have been outfitted as refugee shelters housing Eastern Ukrainians.

On the way back into Romania, the team brought back two Ukrainians seeking asylum in Romania.

Roma Ministry Conference in Vásárhely (Targu Mures)

Last weekend, we had the honor of attending a Roma (Gypsy) ministry missions conference.

It was an honor for us to meet other missionaries in Romania who have been serving and church-planting among the Roma for so many years. They shared their challenges with the group and also the hope (theme of the conference) for those serving among the Roma community.

We also stayed at a guesthouse run by Szekely missionaries and got to spend time chatting with them about the culture here and obstacles that the Szekely have to knowing Jesus. It was so encouraging and just what our hearts needed to network with other missionaries serving among both the Szekely and Roma people groups!

Genevieve playing in the courtyard of our new apartment.

Finally Moved into our New Apartment

If you’ve read our past updates, you know that we have been living from place-to-place in anticipation of our next apartment.

We finally moved into our new apartment! Since being kicked-out unexpectedly in August, we’ve been bouncing from guesthouses, Airbnb, refugee shelter, house-sitting an apartment, to finally having a place to stay!

Our latest challenge has been moving, unboxing, and finding furniture (our previous place came fully furnished).

2 months of living out of suitcases really took a toll on our health and sanity. But the kids are finally getting an established routine.

Thank you for your prayers.

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