A desired baby is a special joy in the family. The family is preparing for the forthcoming miracle. The father in different ways supports his wife. Future parents choose a maternity hospital and doctor, if possible. Particular attention is paid to the preparation of the room for the baby including some type repair.

Where are we going to have a crib? What clothes will the baby wear? How shall we name our baby? It’s an exciting and joyful time for a family expecting a child. Mom will play an important role in the baby’s life, but also the role of the father should not be underestimated.

Well, what if the future mother is a young orphan with no husband? In Scripture we see that God’s will is to take care of those people through the church. Prayer, advice, support with a good word, humanitarian assistance are very valuable for these moms.

Sasha is mom Recently a young orphan graduate Alexa gave birth to a girl.  Two days after she called from the maternity hospital asking to  pick her and a little baby up from the delivery house and bring  them to a shelter, where she now lives.

After the conversation, I suddenly remembered the time when  I took my own daughter and wife from maternity hospital. My  wife knew for sure that everything will be fine (husband takes care). According our tradition, relatives, friends and grandparents come to the hospital to share the joy of the mother and father of the child. They bring flowers and some presents. But on the very day in Alexa’s voice I heard echoes of anxiety and distress. It was clear why: no one could meet her and even the shelter workers did not find a car for her.

So next day I went alone to the maternity hospital. My wife could not go because she and our daughter were sick. On this day, a lot of mothers were discharged and many different people with flowers and gifts were waiting for their wives and newborns. I was waiting near special door in the hall. At some point, the door was opened and a nurse announced the mother’s last name; then the husband and relatives congratulated the mother and baby (flowers, gifts, small photo session, etc.)

I waited about an hour and then the nurse (who thought that I was a father of child) said Alexa’s name. I had a strange feeling like I’m taking my own child home. By the way photographers also called me father.

Maybe it was a comical situation, but I did not explain anything to anyone … useless. I just did something that God was expecting from me – a kindness and love to an orphaned young mother. We continue to visit and participate in the needs of Alexa and baby.

Thank you Church!  Thankful for each of you, dear brothers and sisters in Christ, who’s supporting ministry Heart for Orphans in different ways.


  • We ask you to pray for us, for the young mothers and children we serve;
  • In late March, we have been invited to participate in a camp which will host about 75 children from unbelievers’ families;
  • Also in early April, we want to hold a seminar for young mothers to teach them how to raise their children;
    All of it is a good opportunity for people to meet Christians and Jesus Christ.



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