Our partner in Moldova is planning to build a new home for their church, Word of Faith. 

Pastor Victor Urasinov continues to do great work in Soroca, Moldova — leading the church in evangelizing, helping the poor, and  serving Ukrainian refugees in a variety of ways. Their work is valuable and much needed. And now they need a better facility to host their church and their many activities.

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Oleg Crivoi writes:

First of all, we currently rent  a building that is now for sale; at any moment it could be sold. Other buildings in Soroca are very expensive, either to rent or purchase.

Secondly, any problems regarding our current building – water, sewage and all other issues – must be paid from our church budget. The Landlord is no help. For example, when we first started using this building, it was very broken: window, walls, doors and the ceiling. And now we must repair it by our strength. The Landlord refuses to be involved in that.

Thirdly, the building doesn’t meet our church needs because it was built as a store way back in the times of Soviet Union. Since we rent it, it makes no sense to remodel it according to our needs.

Our Vision

Of course, we can gather as a church in groups in our homes, and we will if the war comes to Moldova as it has come to Ukraine.

But now, in the time of peace, the city needs a church building that could meet the church’s and city’s needs.

Openly saying, a while ago I stood in a construction store line and a very strong thought came to me: Oleg look at this big store, many years ago in Soroca there were very small and limited construction stores which could not respond to all the people’s needs, but at some point a thought came to a man and he built a big store that can cover all people’s needs.

Nowadays in Soroca we have many small churches that only partly cover people’s needs, but the destiny of the church that comes out of God’s heart is to respond to all people’s needs: to bring salvation to sinners, to heal broken hearts, to heal the ill, to cast  out demons, to be a channel of God’s presence.

After that moment, when I experienced revelation at that store, this thought has penetrated my inner man very strongly. I believe that that time is coming. I realize that the question is not in the building but we must be ready for that time. We must be ready.

As a church we pray and work toward this. We have church meetings where we worship Lord, listen God”s word, pray; we have children’s and teenagers’ clubs, Sunday school, help people in the city and surrounding villages to know the Savior, and every Saturday we spreed the gospel in the city streets. However we want more, that will God pour out His revival as in the book of Acts.

May God bless everybody!

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