I want to start this update with a great BIG THANK YOU TO JESUS AND ALL OF YOU.

for all his goodness and grace to answer so many prayers and see his power and strength work through so many people saved or unsaved, across the denominations of the body of christ, bringing food provision, unity in times of need and healing of body and spirit.

i know ive written about the food giving in these times but in between and after we have been still building and sharing jesus in and out of the church where opportunities come in old and new villages and in everyday shopping areas where sick and hurting people are.

There has been 3 funerals of precious people, different ages and this has been humbling and sensitive.

building work has been to put a new roof on a family that had a fire in december last year and as funds came in and laws allowed we were able to build a new roof and fix up the inside with new plaster boards etc.
also the church built in eliseni in 2018 has needed a new toilet and septic tank with a water line fitting this has been put in and wheelchair ramps are being built for easy access to the church.

also the building of hodus church in tigmandru entrance has been a project put on hold but is restarting again as laws allowed.

bible study with tigmandru church has been online a lot but as resumed face to face in recent times.

a massive answer to prayer came to fix up a lot of broken stuff and put new tyres on the vehicles.

  • all provision for food for poor,
  • car repairs to do the work,
  • building materials
  • tools
  • fuel to get around and do the jobs.
  • provision for blessing people who help.

and gods anointing of the holy spirit and his word to heal and save the lost, hurting, broken




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