Recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to visit many Stoneworks International partners in Belarus, Ukraine, and Estonia. What an honor to meet people that give their lives to serve Him in the ways that He calls them and directs them. I heard about the work that is being done, participated in ministry, and also shared about my past experiences and mission work in Ukraine.

As one partner shared about her work, I felt an instant connection because it seemed that God have given us the same heart and the same vision for caring for His children. She also shared about the hardships of ministry and often not seeing progress in the lives of the older children they work with. She shared, “Sometimes I just want to have a job making glasses! I would make a glass and see that it was done. Then I would start on the next one.” I shared with her that in my job as an executive with Target, I often said, “I’m helping no one! I’m just selling Tide.” Even in our struggles we both agreed that giving our lives to serve Him and to help others was worth it.

Girls’ Family Home in Minsk


In Belarus, Olga and Vita, introduced me to their ministries and to several of the orphans that are now young adults. We were greeting at the Family Home for girls with a tasty meal and homemade cakes! We spent time with the children from a local orphanage driving go carts and eating at McDonalds.


Camp Gideon in February

Camp Gideon, in Estonia, is beautiful in the winter as it lays beneath a blanket of snow and the Bay of Finland was solid ice. I imagined what summer camp would be like there and hope one day to have the opportunity to be there playing with the kids. Artur has many projects going on as they make plans to continue improving the facility.

Artur, Laura, and Michael visiting Camp Gideon



Meeting people face to face allows for a deeper connection and understanding of how to pray for them and how to serve them. I am excited to see what God holds in the future and for now work with joy each day. Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts for all Stoneworks partners.

God Bless!