Over 2,000 presents have gone out this Christmas from 4 sources received from the body of Christ, which has been a great joy for so many kids. Some presents were left over but were perfect for kids who beg in supermarket carparks.

A new step of faith this year has been to bless and teach new churches up and coming leaders to have equipping in areas of evangelism, prophecy, preaching, healing, humility, youth work, team work, We look to expand this in 2022 to other churches and villages.

The weekly kids group in Tigmandru has continued throughout all 2021 with food activities and bible cartoons.

Wood is always needed to many needy families and persons living on their own, by God’s grace we get as much as we can out from our stocks.

Rodica and Miheala Mihi have been doing a ladies meeting in Tigmandru throughout this year and even took them to a women’s retreat where they were blessed with good food and teachings of Jesus.

Food has been also a major way of outreach this year reaching villages every week to the needy and praying for people as we meet them/and as they would like.

House buildings have still happened this autumn through gods generosity from American Christian and northern Ireland.

I thank Jesus for the privilege of serving him and working together with such wonderful people both locally and abroad we wish you a blessed holiday season and health and strength in Jesus for the coming new year.

From David, Rodica and Sabrina

Thanks to all friends in Christ who make this all possible, and most of all Jesus, who through the power of the Holy Spirit gives life, healing, joy and hope for each new day.

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