participant1One of the highlights of this month was a seminar that we organized for young mothers orphan graduates where we also invited young mothers and fathers from a church.
The theme of the seminar was “How to raise kids from birth up to three years.” Our goal was to show a model of the Christian education of children, to answer the difficult questions of the participants, as well as to introduce young orphan mothers to the church (as in Russia many non-believers associate evangelical church with a sect).
We had 32 people in total, including volunteers for the seminar, who covered the needs of the participants: they were cooking, interacting with older children and caring for newborn babies while their mothers were participating on the seminar.
Thank God that everything turned out good! Single orphan moms got the needed knowledge, Christian literature and Bibles, and were invited to the Sunday services. Their kids got presents as well.
Many were thankful for this seminar. Here’s what one of the participants said:

“My mother is an alcoholic, and I didn’t know my father. At 9 years old I was put into an orphanage. When I graduated from the orphanage I became a mother of two girls. The circumstances were such that I have to live in an apartment with my alcoholic mother. I’ve never seen love from her, she shows same attitude toward her grandkids, my daughters. I’m even afraid to leave my children with her, since she’s often drunk and invites her alcoholic friends.
When I came for the seminar with my youngest daughter which was held in a church, I met Christians there and saw a completely different relationship between people. That struck me to a depth of my heart. My family can not give it to me, and here are strangers who love and care for me and my daughter. ”

We are very thankful for all of your prayers and assistance in Heart for Orphans ministry!

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Please pray for following needs:
• We continue to make repairs in the graduate’s apartment. His family really needs your prayers. Graduate’s mom is pregnant now, she is due in May. Her brother, graduate’s uncle, is a sever alcoholic, has been drinking a lot lately, he is brawler, beats his nephews. Police doesn’t want to be involved in this kind of domestic situations. We pray for repairs to get finished before new-born baby will come home, for graduate’s uncle to stop drinking and get help in rehab center, and most of all for the love of God will be shown in this family and the hearts of people will be open for His Word.

• We are going to participate in two conferences. In one conference we will lead classes for teenagers. Other conference is made for leaders and we pray for God to bring a revival for our minds and souls to have His strength for the ministry.
• For the health of our family