Dear family in Christ,

First of all, we are very thankful to you for your support and prayers. This is our joint ministry with you, in other words, the testimony of the Light for children and young people who are deprived of parental care and love.

Second, we wanted to share our news asking you to pray for our needs. Please pray for these young people, for the wisdom and God’s protection for us. Now in our country issued a decree of prohibiting foreigners to visit orphanages. Many orphanages are reorganized. People in our country look at the Evangelical Churches as sects. Especially, when we are going to bring the word of God with the team from a different country in the camp with 400 children.

It is time for us to look for new approaches to serve orphans. We put our trust in the Lord.


God shows his miracles and gives joy. Recently I participated in a seminar for coaches in soccer. This seminar was organized by Christians. The main purpose of this seminar was to use soccer as a tool for evangelism.

There I met a young man 21 years old, who seemed very familiar. Arzen lives 5 hours away from our city. So 6-7 years ago we with the group of Christians lived and preached in a camp for orphans. So, Arzen recognized me as one of the group who testified about faith in Christ. It was such a special moment for me! We hug each others as brothers in Christ.

Now he is a youth pastor in a local Church. It’s amazing how God uses us, his children, to attract orphans to Him.

As it is written: “I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth.” 1Cor.3:6


He is 17. He finished the first year of technical school. He has serious health problems and this year he underwent two surgeries. I do Bible studies with Taimura. He comes to worship on Sunday, but he’s casting doubt that God heals.

He had a desire to find his parents (he did not see them since his birth). One day he asked the church to pray about it.

After 10 months God answered his request and his parents were found. Praise the Lord! They live in another country – Azerbaijan. His mother and brother want to visit Timur in October.

Sergi and Beronica
They got married. This young couple have a son 6 months is old. Sergi plays soccer in the Christian League, works as a car mechanic, while his wife takes care of the child. We do Bible studies with them and build friendship. We hope that the Lord will touch their hearts. 

is a young mom of 4 months old daughter. We helped her with clothes, vitamins, medicines and food, while she was in a shelter for young mothers. My wife has always given her advices of child care. Alexa was invited to our home and church, heard about God’s love.

A year gone, the government gave her an apartment in another small town. It’s two an half hours from our home. There is a church, and we are going to introduce her to the believers (they also work with single mothers). She has fear, because right now she must live on her own. We hope that she will be able to get some help, mentoring and spiritual support from local Christians. We will keep in touch with her too.

Max is twenty years. Two years ago, he gave his life to Christ. We are excited to see how he gradually grows in Christ. He has a brother who is 12 years old and a mother, who gave birth to a girl (one month old). We bought a baby buggy and gave some clothing for little girl. They live all together in one apartment, which we helped to repair. Apartment renovation lasted for two months and we hope that they will be comfortable to live in the new conditions.

May the Lord protect and bless you in all your ways,