We are happy to introduce a new project aimed at helping Camp Gideon.

Where: Aa, Estonia
Camp Director: Artur Põld
Beginning Summer 2018


  • Spread the word about Christian Camp Gideon and what we do
  • Share about the current needs in Camp Gideon, and allow for those who want to assist to be able to do so easily


Camp Gideon is located in a naturally beau­tiful area of Lüganuse County, on the beach at Aa. Built before World War II, Gideon has seen many decades of Estonian history. In 1946, a Soviet Young Pioneer camp was set up there. Since then, the beach area at Aa has been dedicated for children.

During the summers of 1993 and 1994, the Camp at Aa was used by Christians of the Estonian United Methodist Church (UMC). Thanks to the assistance of our American friends, the Asbury UMC in Tulsa, Oklaho­ma was approached, and with their help the camp was purchased. The contract of pur­chase and sale was signed on 15 March 1995. Artur Põld was that day appointed as Director of Camp Gideon and he has continued to serve faithfully as manager of Camp Gideon to the present day.

From the very beginning, American friends have supported Camp Gideon- both spiri­tually and financially. Every summer, several groups of volunteers from the United States arrive at Camp Gideon to organize children’s pro­grams and help repair the time-worn buildings. Over the years, Camp Gideon has become internationally known in Latvia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Belarus, Germany and beyond. Thanks to the ministries of Camp Gideon, hundreds of children hear the gospel each camp season. Together with the guests of Camp Gideon, several mission events have been organized, including family camps, Walks to Emmaus, and Sum­mer Conference of the UMC in Estonia.


The camp at Aa was built in several stages and now consists of 15 buildings which once accom­modated up to 400 people. Unfortunately, time has passed and these facilities are in much need of repair. Camp Gideon can currently accommodate only about 200 people. There are plans to expand the campsite, renovate the existing buildings and add various sports facilities. Camp Gideon includes a total of 24.75 ha (61 acres) of land, and all kinds of help is welcome for its expan­sion and restoration.


Give Online

Looking for a way to give towards The Gideon Project? You can support us directly through our online fundraiser, and your donation will go towards renovation projects in camp.

Current projects in Camp Gideon include installing a new kitchen roof and renovating the Clubhouse/Auditorium. We are also hoping to continue the ongoing work of completing ten additional rooms in the “Gideon Hotel” (this building is one of the available lodgings for guests of Camp Gideon). Through this fundraiser, we hope to complete these projects, as well as begin a project to add additional showers to the facilities.

All donations given through Stoneworks International are tax deductible. If you want to give towards a specific project, you can specify and we will send you information as the project develops. Questions about donations or projects? Contact [email protected] today!

Organize a Team to Help Run a Children’s Camp

Are you looking for an amazing mission trip opportunity? Come serve the children of Eastern Europe by hosting a week of camp! Whether you’re interested in hosting a sports camp, going on outdoor adventures, or providing master classes and crafts, Camp Gideon can make it happen! We are now booking camps for Summer 2019. Contact us today at [email protected]!

Organize a Team to Work as a Construction Crew

Not scared of a little hard work? Come work beside our team! Camp Gideon is currently in need of a crew to complete the ten bedrooms in the “Gideon Hotel”. We’re also searching for a crew to construct an outdoor basketball court and covered patio. Now booking construction crews for Fall 2018 and Spring/Summer 2019. Contact [email protected] today!

Sponsor a Child to Attend Camp

Looking for another way to get involved directly with the children? Change the fate of our young people by making a donation to send children to Camp Gideon! Camp registration for Summer 2018 is going on now, and there are many children who would love to be included. Contact us today at [email protected]!


Donations can be made on the Support Page.