“Is there anyone that can work with these little kids? The program is not for them and they are disruptive.”

My first thoughts were, “Surely, someone from this team will want this opportunity, I am not good at playing with little kids, and I have too much work to take time for this.”

The room was silent each person thinking of their responsibilities and it seemed no one was able to take on this task. “I’ll do it.” I was surprised the words came out, but they did.

The next several days were challenging, but I was blessed and honored to do the work of the Lord. I spent time with His children. Slowly they changed and their behavior improved.

They knew I was beside them for this time and that I expected them to be good. We played games, participated in crafts, picked wild strawberries, played in the puddles, and helped with the music slides in the evening program.

One day with their lion masks we took a walk on the beach. It was during this time that I realized I was the most blessed of all team members.

Seeing the heart of God as His children danced, ran, and played on the beach was something that was a gift.

With sorrow, I prayed for these little children that didn’t have parents. Please join me in praying for all orphans and that they will experience and know the love of God.


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