mama 4Our King came to our world bringing His Light and we are His children have the privilege to share and testify to every man about the wonderful God and His unconditional love!

One of the categories of our ministry are young orphan mothers. These young ladies have their own difficulties, confusion, for example, lack of knowledge of how to take care and nurture baby or  no concept of normal relations and family. It is clear where it comes, because they were brought up in broken families with chaos, excesses, drunkenness or drug addiction.

Aleksey SashaWe are building a trust relationship now with one of these mothers. Her name is Sasha and she will soon give birth. We provided a maternity clothes for her and vitamins. Also have collected baby clothes and hygiene products for a baby. At the moment she lives in the crisis center called “Little Mother”. This center hosts fifteen young mothers from orphanages.

We visited this place with a Christmas program and brought  presents. We invited one Christian family who are professional musicians and they did a wonderful concert.

Also, we visited with orphan graduates, inviting them to McDonald’s and to our home and giving them Christmas gifts.

Some of the graduates have come to the church for the Christmas concert. It was great time for testimony about Christ!

Glory to  God! We hope that in the future, a seed will sprout and some of them will except  Christ.

Thank you for your donations, prayers, for your contribution to the ministry to orphans! We couldn’t do it without your support!

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