Ruvim in Miskolc, assisting our sweet American friend.

Hello all!

The past few months seem to have flown by, as Ruvim’s family prepares for his brother’s wedding and our team prepares for summer camps. It’s been an exciting time of parties and celebrations that brought us out of the dark, frost-bitten winter. As the flowers bloom so does our church.

The children are no longer battling measles and the cold, but are appearing with smiles at church for children’s ministry. The women’s group is thriving weekly and we’ve had visitors from the states to spend time with us, ask questions and get to understand what Roma life is really like.

Ruvim and I were fortunate to be sent to a conference in Miskolc, Hungary in May. It was a Roma consultation bringing together leaders from churches across Europe. It was refreshing to hear others stories of trials and successes within their ministries. Being the youngest leaders at the consultation meant that we were able to learn a lot, ask questions and to borrow some wisdom passed down to us. As always, we got to play with kids, sing songs and eat really great food. But the best part was simply to be in community with people sharing a similar goal as yours.

We’ve been so excited or have short term teams coming to love on all of us here, to create new connections and to show another part of God’s heart.


Prayer Requests

  • Please continue praying for Diana, a mother of four who has been battling kidney cancer for years
  • For Lilia’s son, Loniya who is eight years old and is suffering from a form of vasculitis
  • For our young church that is hoping to one day finish the remodeling to the actual church buildin
  • For the Roma leaders, both in the youth and older leaders who struggle against cultural issues such as being ostracized for leaving one church in order to start their own ministr