We congratulate you on the past holidays. We are glad that last year was a new stage in our relations. We would like to talk about how our last month went.

It was an eventful month. In early December, Larry visited us, it was an amazing time, a time when friendship began.

After Larry’s departure, we started activities related to Christmas and New Year. We had a Christmas party for teenagers and their parents attended by about 70 people. It was a good time when we could tell the children and their parents about the true meaning of Christmas.

Then we had a few festive events for children of 7-12 years old. About 300 children from low-income families and their parents heard the gospel news of the Savior Christ. After these events, about 30 children signed up for our kids club, which starts on January 13. Praise the Lord !!!

But one of the best events was the winter camp “Young Life” for teenagers, which was held from 3 to 7 January. This year, I brought about 20 teenagers from low-income families. We were 4 days together, played, talked, participated in various events. Every morning and evening there were services where we preached the Gospel and the testimony of what Christ did for the people. And at the last service, on Christmas Eve, 9 !!!!!!!! people, 6 boys and 3 girls repented and opened their hearts to the Savior. Friends, it is a great happiness for me to see how people are saved. I cried from happiness at the moment of repentance and I cry now when I write. All glory to Jesus. 9!!!!!! people!!! Aleluyya !!!!!

There is also good news in our family. Olga, this is our Bogdanochka’s older sister, lived in our family for 5 years, but last summer she left home and lived a very bad life. So, at Christmas she returned home and spent all the holidays with us. And she wants to return to the family forever, says that she understood how important her family is. This return will not be very easy because of the bureaucracy in the social service, but we will do everything so that Olya was with us.

We also have big plans for the future. We will continue to work with children, teenagers and young people. From February we will start preparing for the camps. This year we will have 4 camps.

Thank you so much for your support, for your prayers. We are pleased to be in the same boat with Stoneworks and it is an honor for us to extend the Kingdom of God with you.

Love you, bless, pray for you.

Victor, Victoria, family and team of ministers.

P.S. If there are mistakes, I’m sorry, but all the questions to google translator 🙂

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