From Marijana Cizmanski:

Dear brothers and sisters!

We are grateful to God that he gave us the opportunity to host around 130 women (approximately¬† 80 believers and more than 50 nonbelievers), to hear about our worth as women, to hear that Christ is the one who died for us and who is the only one who give us worth. We used International Women’s Day as a platform

We had fellowship for two hours where they could hear Christian songs and hear the message from the Bible from Maria Simonovic who got saved 23 years ago as the first child who got saved in Montenegro. We had small group discussions around tables where we shared our thoughts about the topic.

The over all impression was that, for this first outreach, things went better than we expected. Believers were encouraged (we invited believers from other towns and churches; we have around 300 born-again believers in Montenegro). Nonbelievers were exposed to the gospel and only one person left the event during Maria’s speech. Several of them expressed their thankfulness that they could be there.

In next few weeks, a few of us are planning to meet with some of the ladies for coffee and to invite them to an Easter service.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

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