Dear spiritual family,

It is really long, actually, too long time since we wrote an update. Sporadically we were in touch with some of you during these past months, but I really apologize for being so slow in this area. We value your patience in waiting to get this letter and for your continual prayers for us. We are amazed to learn how many people are praying every day or periodically for us, and for the work here in Montenegro.

Children’s camp

At the end of school year, by our “old” tradition we had Children camp (6-12 of age) that was organized by CEF workers from our assembly.

It was the biggest number of kids that applied since these camps were organized. It was encouraging but also disappointing that we couldn’t take all kids due to the limited capacity of the facility.

Youth camp

We are so glad that this year we could have again our teenage camp. When we started to plan, we were not sure what to expect, but on the end, we were encouraged to have 15 students.

For the first time we had this camp on totally new location, which turned to be pretty convenient spot.  This time we had a team of 5 young people from US to help us. Austin, the team leader delivered the lectures on the theme: “Come As You are”.

I know some students were really touched with the word and we believe sooner or later, there will be a fruit. Some of the students committed to come regularly to our church meetings and we really want to be an encouragement to them.

The loss of Vladimir’s father

At the age of 75 my father moved to eternity to be with the Lord. He was diagnosed with lung cancer at the beginning of this year so we were prepared for this outcome. Anyway it is always difficult to say goodbye, even we know in a short while we will be all together again in much better reality than this one.

He was a strong character and a good example in order to show how to live simple and humble life in the fear of the Lord. This loss is helping me to realize more closely how this life disappears so quickly and the eternity is just around the corner. How much we have to be eager to redeem the time and invest into eternity because only those things that we did in accordance with God’s will, will follow us into Heaven.

If you can remember my mom in your prayers, she needs much of strength as she lost her life partner after 56 years of good marriage.

Church Property

You remember that on the beginning of last year we were launching information that we felt the Lord is leading us into purchasing the land for the future church facility. For a long time we were looking whether nearby lot would be suitable for that purpose and as a board, after some time of prayer and consideration we came to conclusion that we are united in taking this step of faith. We didn’t have money yet, but we were waiting.

Then the Lord gave us a grant that was just right amount to buy it, but then the landlady asked for more money… We said: “NO, we can’t give more money; we can give what we have and no more.” Then for a few months there was a silence.

We were waiting for some response but then after few months I asked the lady again: “Are you open to sell the land for the offered price? The lady said: “It is crazy, just yesterday, after so long time of no activity one man offered to buy it, but I am open to consider your offer.” We were told later that the man offered first less, but after our offer he offered more then us, but he didn’t have a cash, so the decision whom to sell the property, came back to us.

We are glorifying the Lord that on right time we were prompted to make a call and an offer. Now, we are legal owners of the lot of 1548m2 (4700 sqft), one older family house (above) and the other, second house, that needs 2/3 investment to be finished:

At the moment we are facing great challenge in the church – space for the children. We have more families that are blessed with children and we have to provide childcare during the meetings. At the current facility limited space need to accommodate 15 + children in the range of 0-10 years of age.  Often, there is needed a great skill to manage some very lively older kids to not harm younger ones.

We are so excited that the new location has potential to provide enough space for this urgent need.

Everyone at the church is excited and ready to work. I pray that we will stay united through all decisions that we have to make. It needs a lot of work and financial investment to bring it into functional state. If you would be interested to help us anyhow, please let us know.

If you would like to see the property captured by 360 degree camera you can do it here  and here .

We want to thank to all of you who helped us  to buy this great property, for those who were funding teenage camp, reparing of the van, to those who are faithfully sending every month for our personal and church needs. We feel so privileged to be part of this great spiritual family whose head is OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN!

In His love,

Vladimir and Marijana

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