It is the 4th beginning of a new academic year at the day-care center for children with disabilities, Sunbeam. Thanks to the support of people from different countries and fruitful work of our team, our organization continues to grow.


Tatiana, Ursula, Luive, Elissa, Signe

In September, the Sunbeam staff was filled with new employees. Now we have an assistant director and a cleaning woman.

At the moment, Estonia is rapidly developing ‘support person service’. Support person service is designed to assist the child in educational activities, to guide, teach and encourage him to cope in daily life. And fortunately for us, it became possible to take a support person, Tatiana to help a wonderful 4-year-old girl named Angelika. This girl can walk with her feet if someone is holding her hand. She needs to have a lot of training to develop body balance and strengthen muscles. But she tries hard every day and she especially likes to catch up with other children when she comes to our center.

Tatiana assists three times a week in our center and twice at Angelica’s home. This is our first experience of such support directly to the family. Her mother is very grateful for this opportunity.

3We have another piece of exciting news… Our children have been given the chance to take a course in sand therapy. The specialist conducts classes in a fascinating way. While she is speaking about the world around us, she is drawing by sand on a special box with light.

The children can watch the course of the story on a big screen and repeat the movements for the teacher.

There is relaxing music being played, and the kids are completely involved in the desire to learn something new. It’s amazing how every child, and even adults, feel comfortable to participate in these sessions. Time flies in a creative atmosphere.


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