Dear Beloved Precious people, the Salt of the Earth!

Easter season was truly blessed with many visit and joyful events such as the birth of a new baby Maria. Her Mother is our grad. She was not able to have a baby for long time.

Volodya and Vera both had birthday in April. They invited us for a shish kebab (if you only knew how funny it sounds to a Russian ear) party to the village they rent a house in. It was sooo sweet to see how they are deeply loved by their adopted Kids the present and the grads ️. They all brought flowers and gifts. They said a lot of good words and wishes.

In my country it is a deep drama, a lack of fathers. We lost a lot of men in the Second World War. Each family lost a fathers or a brother.. Actually there are a lot of reasons. Stalin and other guys.

Boys grow up without fathers and as a consequences are not able to be good fathers, just do not know how.. Girls grow without fathers and as  consequences do not know what man to choose to be a husband and a father for her children. She makes bad decisions and her baby ends up in a orphanage (not all the time, of course).

I know it is not only in  my country. But when I visited the USA for the first time I was greatly impressed with your families, where the love of the father was like a shield over the kids and wife. It felt secure. It felt right. It is still not like that here. Not yet. Fathers like Volodya are a lighthouse for other men. Praise God for him.

The counselor O. is in the hospital with high blood pressure. Please pray for her.

Thank you for being our support. It helps us to save some lives and make another lives successful.

We love you. I love you.

Marina and all the Family Homes

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